Well-known poker pro Phil Galfond filed suit against William Murphy, a partner in poker training site Bluefire Poker, earlier this week. The suit. BlueFirePoker. Hundreds of the best videos from pros you know. Strategy tips that will make you a better player. Home · Contact; More. Want to learn how to play. Übersetzung für bluefire poker im Englisch-Deutsch-Wörterbuch Switch to Hybrid Mode. News, Views, and Gossip For poker news, views, and gossip. Originally Posted by tommytuffnutz gl phil Unter folgender Adresse kannst du auf diese Übersetzung verlinken: When it comes to coaches there is only a small number of familiar names and awesome coaches. However, you can't argue with the quality videos that these coaches produce though, even if there are less of them than at some other sites. In mother Russia Phil Gandolf sues you. Bill Murphy always seemed shady to me and I never liked him. Phil Galfond Sues Bluefire Poker He released a statement when he left saying it was on good terms so maybe they just refused to pay him. Find Threads Started by TheShanachie. Bluefire on the other hand has a smaller set of high quality strategy coaches. If Phil Galfond sues you, you lost the case. Originally Posted by Kozaa. I don't know him and I have never talked to him. Originally Posted by mjcace. I am wondering how is BFP doing since Phil left Also somewhat relevant Bill Murphy Interview about launching BFP. Send a private message to OJsBludyNife. What Bluefire Poker isn't great at. Originally Posted by tommytuffnutz. Poker Players - Streaming Live Online. Having learned of Don's ridiculous and slanderous accusations, I decided to drive over 30 minutes just to use an internet cafe to make a quick response. Send a private message to online slots ohne einzahlung. Guys, I am traveling and do not have access to the internet. Find Threads Started by Keyser.

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